Who We Are

Randi, Founder of Lyme Aid, for a year-and-a-half visited doctor after doctor and specialist after specialist until she was properly diagnosed with having Lyme Disease. She never received a Bull’s Eye rash, so doctors didn’t test her for Lyme Disease until, after much research, she suggested it. She remembered the only thing out of the ordinary was she decided to start her first ever flower bed and about a month later fell extremely ill. She has not only felt her own struggles on a day-to-day basis, but has heard her friends’ struggles that have Lyme Disease as well as their caretakers concerns – enter Lyme Aid. Lyme Aid is a passionate organization that, for the sufferer and caretaker, instills hope, educates, inspires, and monetarily aids those nationwide that are on the road to recovery helping them regain a healthy and energized life.

First noticed in the late 70’s when a large number of children were diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Lyme, Connecticut, investigators concluded that all of the children diagnosed lived near the woods. Upon further investigation, they soon found more people, not just children, infected with this disease. Anywhere a tick can be found, Lyme Disease can be found making all outings that involve running, swimming, hiking, camping, family picnics, and most other outdoor events risky. If you don’t know the proper attire to wear outside, how and where to check for ticks on the body, and symptoms and signs of Lyme Disease, then you are putting yourself at an even greater risk.

Lyme Disease is a serious Infectious Disease caused by the Bacteria known as Borreliosis and transmitted by ticks. A small bite from a tiny tick can cause minor or even sometimes major symptoms such as arthritis, severe headaches, fever, chills, unexplained fatigue, vision changes and muscles aches just to name a few. If the disease is caught in the early stages there is a good chance for recovery. If not, in the later stages, it can escalate into numbness of the hands and feet, memory loss, loss of the ability to walk or talk, disturbances in heart rhythms, and neurological symptoms such as panic attacks and memory loss. It can take months or even years to alleviate the fatigue and feel energized again.

Burns is hoping to bring awareness to Lyme Disease and is hopeful others will join her in the fight by registering and participating in Lyme Aid’s fundraising events throughout the year. These Lyme-Aid events bring together members of families, friends, teams, groups, organizations, companies and faiths to raise funds and awareness for those affected by the disease.  After the events, funds raised will be delivered to those within the community who have Lyme Disease and are in need of medical services. The Lyme-Aid Foundation plans to support global awareness and become a global organization.